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The first sentence is always the hardest! With that out of the way, writing a top notch essay is all about organizing your thoughts around the subject of your essay. We are one of the top writers providing the best essays services around. We use a few simple rules of thumbs when writing a great essay.

Know your audience. Just like opening a successful business, you need to know your target customer base and their demographics. This includes your teacher, professor, colleague or whoever will potentially be reading your work. Consider their styles and interest.

Know your topic. Foremost, you must know at a minimum the basis for your subject. A little research may be in order and using real life experiences can be meaningful in delivering the essay context. In today’s digital world you have the internet at your disposal and can quickly gather critical data points to tell your story. Becoming an expert is not necessary but the more you know on your subject the better you can articulate to your audience.

Captivate your audience. The first sentence as well as the first paragraph will usually be the deciding factor of  great best essays. Think about essays or stories you have read that caught your attention and why. Be creative and unique as you take the readers through your paper. Assuming humor is an option, make it a fun read. Once you capture your audience’s interest, they’ll stay tuned in and want to read more.

It’s all about organization. Have you ever tried to clean a house? If you start in one room and work your way cohesively to the next room tends to make it easier. Less energy is required to complete one room and then move to the next. The same is true for writing. Follow your context cohesively where each paragraph stays on topic. A new topic or thought pattern deserves a new paragraph.

End with a bang. With every beginning there must be an ending. Wrap up your essay by restating critical points and the “aha” moment of what you are trying to convey. If there are only one or two things you would want your readers to take away, what are they? Make sure your last paragraph succinctly establishes the conclusion of your essay.

Writing an essay isn’t difficult. It’s an opportunity to showcase creativity, influence and knowledge to others. The best essays are delivered with simple effects based on knowing your audience, keeping them engaged and staying on topic. We can craft the best essays to deliver your topic of choice.