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The MLA style format is a type of academic writing and refers to the Modern Language Association format. Its format is distinct and follows a formal structure. In MLA style of essay writing, roman numbers are used to denote main headings. Each roman should be followed by a period and a space before you enter the heading. The outline should include a minimum of three main headings and each main heading should represent a paragraph in the essay. Subdivisions are denoted using capital letters.

Each is followed with a period and a space, and then the subdivision. Each main heading has a minimum of two subdivisions. When need to subdivide the subdivisions arises, do so by typing a number e.g. 1, 2 on the first line of classification of subdivision. Lower case letters are further used to divide these lines. These are distinctive features of the MLA format.

Just like other styles of academic writing, the MLA style-formatted essay should contain a title page. The title page is not however like the other title pages in the other styles of formatting. It is referred to as the opening page to your essay. It consists of your name, the instructor’s name, class information or course plus the date. Double spacing is used. Under that you will have the title of your essay and it should be center-placed. Begin your paragraph under the title using a double spacing ,and the paragraph should begin with a half-inch tabbed indent. Use a one inch margin all around the page and do not justify the right margin.

The paper’s heading should be at the upper left corner of the first page only. Only the first page should include the whole heading and title. There should be no extra spaces between the heading and the title, nor should there be extra spaces between the title and the body of the paragraph. A 12-point font is preferred and new times roman is the preferred font. However, there are no restrictions and you can choose a font of your own provided it is easy to read.

On all other following pages, a header should be placed in the upper right-hand corner, which includes your last name followed by the page number. All texts in the pages should be double-spaced, including all blocked quotes. Paragraphs should be separated by a single space, and no extra spaces should be put between paragraphs. If an author is quoted, ensure you document your source correctly with an appropriate reference.

In referencing, use a new page with the heading ‘references’ centered at the top of the page. The citation entries should appear in alphabetical order by the author’s last names. If there are two or three authors, their names should be listed in the same order as on the title page. Make sure a comma separates each author and place a period after the last author’s name. If the number of the authors is more than three, you can use the format given above or you can add “et al” (meaning “and others”) after the initial author’s name. Ensure you put a comma between the author’s name and “et al” and to place a period after.

If you however need help in writing be it your term paper, thesis paper or any other kind of writing using the MLA style of formatting, at our company we offer services that cater for your needs in academic writing. Place your orders online at our website and we work according to your instructions. As at times one has no much time to write a term paper, our professionals will do your assignments for you and you’ll be amazed by how highly you score, since our professionals are properly trained in different levels of academic. Feel free to consult in any area of academic writing and we’ll be glad to be of service. We follow the rules of writing while at the same time ensuring we fully exhaust ideas as per your instructions.

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