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An essay is a form of academic writing based on a particular topic. It involves writing of areas based on a certain subject in prose form. Almost every academic level has essay writing so it is a common encounter to many students. Essays can be used for different and many purposes, the major one being assessment and evaluation.

Essays are found in different types, and different types of essays have different functions. The most commonly known types of essays are argumentative essays, comparison essays, critical essays, cause and effect essays, literature essays, research essays, definition essays among many more. These types have different formats that each take in order to fulfill their requirements. Also, the type of an essay depends on its context, e.g. learners in the field of sciences are more likely to be writing a research essay rather than a literature essay.

Although there is a difference in the essay types, most of them share a common share a common outline that consists of the introduction, main body, and a conclusion. In a normal essay, the introduction states the topic and can also provide some background information on the topic, no more. The body covers the topic in detail and constitutes the largest part of an essay. The conclusion provides for the writer’s opinion, or it can restate the topic in the form of a balanced consideration

The most common essay subjects include essay writing in: a) social sciences b) formal sciences c) applied sciences and d) natural sciences. As an essay has a definite outline and a specified procedure for writing, a certain procedure is followed in writing any kind of essay. In writing an essay, topic selection should be the first stage, in the case you are not provided with one.

Be careful about the topic you select and it should not be too general, but as specific as possible. After settling down on a good topic, gather key ideas about the topic which will help you in gathering materials for your essay. In research materials, be careful to use only the trustworthy resources as vague sources may lead you into presenting wrong information.

The data you collect from those sources should be restricted to your topic and avoid writing unnecessary information. Develop an outline with the data you collect and write a draft copy of your essay, then revise it, adding left-out information and erasing the unrequited information. Proof-read your essay correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes and your essay is ready to be submitted.
There are a number of styles used in writing of essays. These are the recognized academic styles of writing which include APA, MLA, Chicago, ASA, Harvard, Vancouver and Bluebook formats.

Different styles of writing may be used for different fields of academic, and the knowledge of more than one or all of them is always an advantage to the student. These styles of writing have rules of writing and the rules vary from style A to B, although they have a lot of similar characteristics. Some put more weight on some particular techniques while giving less focus to other techniques in writing. An essay needs to be a grammatically correct paper which proper use of vocabulary and stylistic devices in writing while checking on correct punctuation. An essay should be an original document of the writer and the writer should consciously get time to write the essay.

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