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Oxford style essay

The Oxford style system of writing is also known as the documentary-note citation system. It is widely used in humanities like the students in history and philosophy. It includes standard citations in the main body and footnotes at the end of each page. An annotated bibliography is found at the end of the essay and it includes the various sources of the citations done in the essay. Oxford format simply contains three major parts: citing sources, footnotes and the end notes, and the bibliography.

In citing of sources, use superscript numbers with corresponding footnotes when information or ideas from sources are discussed. Sources like journals, books, internet sources and other sources used in the essay must be acknowledged in text and detailed in footnotes. All other information and sources used must be referenced too. Superscript numbers are found at the end of a sentence rather than immediately after the words to which they refer. If possible, it is advisable to place superscript numbers immediately after direct quotes.



When a quote is used, it should not exceed 30 words. However, where the quote is of more than 30 words, omit the quotation mark and begin in anew line and indent the quote about 1 cm from the left side margin of the page. Oxford style of citing is different from others writing styles because it gives you an opportunity to summarize or paraphrase the content of the oxford style papers. One can use superscript numbers when paraphrasing or summarizing the content of oxford format essays.

In using footnotes and end notes, have a short line at the bottom of the page that separates the body of the text from footnotes relating to the superscript numbers. The first time a source is cited, the footnote must provide full bibliographic details. For subsequent references to the same source, the footnotes should not repeat all the details again but use a shortened form. In assignments, footnotes are listed consecutively and should not be in a table format.

The bibliography consists of sources that have been cited in a text, and the sources consulted in preparing the data appear as well as other sources that the reader finds useful in their research. In referencing in the documentary note system, the order of elements which involves the use of capital letters and punctuation marks is the same as footnotes but the family name of the author should proceed before the initials and all the entries should be alphabetically arranged, according to the authors’ family names. There should be strictly no numbering used. If a reference is to be used more than once, don’t repeat the whole reference, but use the authors’ last names plus the pages where the pages are different.

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Oxford writing style

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